This Fairtrade Fortnight, join us in spreading a simple message: Be Fair-Do Sustainable. Choose Fairtrade now and help save our favourite foods as well as farmers livelihoods, and the environment!

Did you know that in Ireland fifteen of the top 20 warmest years on record have occurred since 1990?

In the Tropics near the Equator, where most commodities like coffee, cocoa and bananas grow, ‘the hottest 5% of days are expected to warm by a further 20 percent than on the average day. This increased warming of extreme temperatures will have severe impacts on human health, ecosystems and wildfires across large parts of Africa, Asia and the Americas. (Dr. Michael Byrne, University of St Andrews)

As a result of this and other chaotic climate change impacts, communities growing these crops are being pushed to the brink and cocoa, bananas and coffee products could soon be much more difficult to find on our shelves!

Our neighbours and visitors are especially welcome to each of these services.

Thank you from the Eco Team

We would like to extend a huge “thank you” to those of you who attended the Eco Open Event on Saturday afternoon, 5 November . 
 In particular, we would like to thank Dianne for sharing her cookery expertise and tips on shopping wisely, to Suzy for guiding us through the psychology of decluttering, to David Percy for guiding people through energy tips and the energy kit and finally to those of you who helped out with car parking, welcoming the public, serving tea/coffee, preparing the rooms for the speakers and the general tidy up at the end.
There was a great buzz around the whole church building and we have received some very positive feedback from the community.
Well done everyone!

Saturday 5 November

Eco Open event Respect – save our planet : save your wallet 2.30pm – 5pm in the Church

The Eco Congregation Team in Dundrum Methodist Church is hosting an afternoon of talks, demos, and information on ways to reduce our waste and energy consumption. More information here.

From Sunday 4th September, we resume our regular Sunday programme.
There will normally be two services every week at 10.00am and 11.30am.
Combined services at 11.00am are planned for:

2nd October (Harvest),
6th November (visit of President of MCI),
18th December (Nativity),
Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.
There will be children’s ministry (incl. Ark, Kids’ Faith and Discussion Group) from 4th September.

Encounter will resume at 7pm on first Sunday of each month from 2nd October.