Minister: Rev. Stephen Taylor

Rev Stephen Taylor has been the minister at Dundrum Methodist since July 2015.

He is passionate about people and helping them know Christ.

Stephen is married to Linda with three adult children and before ordination was an engineer by trade. Stephen has been an ordained minister for over 20 years with previous stationings in Carlow and Sligo before coming to Dundrum.

In his spare time Stephen enjoys most DIY projects, watching any type of Irish Rugby while claiming to support all four provinces and attempting to kick a football on Monday nights! 

Email stephen.taylor @ 

Youth Pastor: Andrew Mullen

Andrew Mullen is our Youth Pastor in Dundrum Methodist Church and has been since September 2018.

Passionate about the Bible, Andrew is keen to help teenagers understand God, this world and where their lives fit in all of it.

Andew is a native to the Dundrum/Ballinteer area and has spent nearly all his life attending Dundrum Methodist Church. In his spare time Andrew enjoys most things outdoors, music and Arsenal football club related. 

Email: youth @

Apart from our Sunday services we have many activities and events for all ages for our members and for the community where we are.
The Church building is always a hive of activity with many clubs, societies and groups using the premises.
You are sure of a good welcome every day of the week!
We believe that God calls us to be a loving, God-centred congregation empowered by the Holy Spirit to live Christ-filled lives in our community every day.

Family and Children’s Worker: Rachael O’Donoghue

My name is Rachel O’Donoghue.

I am married to David, and we have two young boys, Matthew and Archie. I have been attending Dundrum Methodist Church since I was 13 years old and was a part of the youth group throughout my teenage years.
I have worked with young people both professionally and voluntarily over the years, and I have a social care and psychotherapy qualification. I have worked in non profit organisations for 10 years and have a passion for working with people. I am very excited to start the role as Family and Children’s Worker and look forward to seeing how it develops and grows.


The Methodist Church

Dundrum is part of the Methodist Church in Ireland and as that website puts it:

Our church is a community of people who are drawn together by God’s love as they know it, expressed in the story of Jesus – his birth and life, teaching, suffering, death and resurrection. We seek to follow the way of Jesus and live to share God’s love through action and word in the world.  Because this experience of Jesus Christ has so shaped our lives, we invite others to share in the love, life and hope that is freely given to us. 


The Methodist Church is a worldwide communion of over 70 million people which originated from the time of the Wesley brothers, John and Charles, in the mid-eighteenth century.  John was ordained by the Church of England and he and his hymn writer brother Charles, were members of a group of young men who met daily to pray and study the Bible whilst at Oxford University. Nicknamed “the Holy Club”, they were so methodical in their lifestyle that they were called Methodists, a name which eventually became that of the religious movement which followed.

John Wesley visited Ireland twenty-one times, where he preached in thirty-one of the thirty-two counties. Read more about our history.


The Methodist Church in Ireland has 212 churches or ‘societies’ with a total community membership of almost 57,000.